About Us

Let’s tell you about us and where we began, and the inspirations behind “Safety & Teamwork Together” and “Guardians of your Cashflow”

Our Managing Director and founder has been building our philosopy throughout his career. 

In that time he has had the opportunity to work in some great teams.  Having seen the benefits that this creates it is now the bedrock of everything that we deliver.

Your expertise and knowledge is the first pillar and the foundation stone of the philosophy.

Safety & Teamwork Together - Our Health & Safety Philosophy

You know your company, your job, your role better than we could ever do.  Likewise, your event is your vision and so again you know it better than we could.

So, we listen to you.  We consider what you already have in place.  We then apply the “reasonsable and proportionate” test.  Assuming that it meets the test then we will support you to document everything.  With regular reviews and gap analysis we can then ensure that you always pass the same test.

If what you have in place currently doesn’t pass the “reasonable and proportionate” test then we will work with you.  Support you.  Guide you so that everything that needs to be in place to meet the test can be. 

Again, through the use of regular reviews and gap analysis we will work with you to maintain your ability to meet the test.

Guardians of your Cash Flow - Our Credit Control Philosphy

Having built up an impressive reputation and list of achievements as a Credit Controller helping companies to be paid there invoices on time and to terms our Managing Director came to a realisation that not all companies and businesses could have access to experienced support such as he was providing.

So, he started to look at what coud be done to give all businesses access to experienced support.

Having analysed the challenges he realised that not every business needs or can afford to employ a guardian of there cash flow full time.  Indeed some businesses don’t even need them part time.

But, they do need them, and to have access to a guardian  in a way to suit there own business needs.

Enter Freelance Credit Control.  A bespoke guardian of your cashflow.  From letters that have been composed by an experienced Credit Controller that you can send out yourself.  To the ability to have a Guardian of your Cashflow from as little as one hour based on your business needs.  Freelance Credit Control has been created to solve this need and to allow every business to have access to the experienced support that it needs.

When you work with us you get access to all of our skills, knowledge and experience.  You also get access to all of our contacts.  If you need something that we can’t deliver but we know somebody who can we will introduce you.  We have a strong network of collaborators who are always happy to join our team.